Friday, March 31, 2017

Miro, my assistant (part 3)

"I want some of that!" "Give me that!" "What ever it is, I NEED it!"

Yep that's my Miro when it comes to food. 
But actually he is the pickiest eater of all my cats. 
His absolute favorites are #Temptations, treats for cats. They are crunchy on the outside, with a soft, meaty center. Miro especially likes the new version, called:

WAKIN' BAKIN'™. Miro can't have chicken, and these treats have bacon, egg and cheese, perfect for breakfast. After he gobbles down some of them, Miro reminds me that it is time for my morning bath. He runs back and forth to the bathroom and trips me several times in the process, Than he sits on the edge of the tub and watches the water fill in and create bubbles. He balances back and forth and tries to rub his face against mine, so sweet!! And then-. Quickly, he had to catch a bubble, and ooops! He almost fell in! Caught himself once again! 

He sits on the toilet lid and watches, while I try to put some make up on. Oh my! There is a hair-tie! Gotta get it! "Excuse me....oh sorry that you just smeared mascara all over your face..." Then he takes one q-tip out of the jar and runs off with it to play, and show Jimmy his treasure. He only takes one, -every time! His morning chores are done. See you later, Mom! He is such a good helper!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My assistant Miro (part 2)

Miro is getting a quick round of playing with his favorite toy in, before we tackle the litter boxes. My best idea ever was to use a kid's swimming pool as my main litter box on our enclosed patio.
Miro thinks so too, because you can race through it and chase your buddies, and scatter the litter every where. (But then Mom needs to bring out the big huge loud vacuum cleaner, and that is scary)!
Anyways, so its time to scoop. We use #Essential #clumping #cat #litter by #Arm&Hammer. 
"It is formulated with a blend of safe, natural biodegradable corn based ingredients that work together with baking soda to effectively absorb moisture & eliminate odors. Absorbs more liquid than regular clumping litter. Same number of usages of a 30 lbs clumping litter but only half the weight.It is so effective you won't believe its natural. 100% natural corn fibers. Virtually dust free. Extra strong, easy to remove clumps. Absorbs 2X as much odor-causing urine than clumping clay litter."

So I bend down to scoop and Miro jumps on my back to assess the situation from above. He may quickly have to dig a claw into my back to keep his balance. 
Then as I scoop, he jumps into the #litter #box and starts digging. He works hard on piling a huge amount of #litter into one particular spot, preferably the one, where I need to Oh, and then, all of a sudden he has "to go"!! If you gotta go, you gotta go! Eventually we get done, and the box is nice and clean for a while. 

Miro and I have a lot more to do, before I head off to work, so stay tuned.....

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My assistant Miro (part 1)

The alarm goes off at 6:00 am now, since I started my new job. I am not a morning person and sometimes, I don't even hear it. That's when Miro jumps into action. he will gently purr into my ear and knead my arm, or whatever body part is uncovered at the time. If I don't respond, he will resort to some more drastic measures and may be poke a claw into my flesh. That usually gets my attention! He won't give up, until I am out of bed.

Then he and Jimmy will give me about 15 min with my cup of tea. In the meantime they check out what happened with the toys overnight. Then Miro is back. He reminds me that it is feeding time by jumping on the kitchen table. I feed my cats #WellnessHealthyIndulgence. They offer a menu of succulent morsels paired with delectable sauces for a taste cats love. Available in: 3 oz. pouches. Highest quality protein sources. 

I also feed them #PurinaProPlan Cat Food, which they love as well. Miro is allergic to chicken, so we get the kind that has fish or beef. Miro just nibbles a little and then lets the older cats eat first. He is a real gentleman! Not so Jimmy. Jimmy gulps down everything he can I fill up the bowls again. Miro now jumps onto the bird cage, to make sure I don't forget about them. Next it is time to clean the litter boxes.,,,,,,,,
 Come back next week to find out how Miro helps with that. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ear Infection

Jimmy had an ear infection. We cleaned the ear with Witchhazel and a cotton ball, and then used a q-tip to gently spread coconut oil into the upper areas of the ear. The oil will drop down into the ear. You don't want to put the q-tip deep into the ear, as you could injure the eardrum. Witchhazel has a gentle cleansing effect, and is also inflammatory. Coconut oil is proven to be an excellent remedy for treating viral and fungal infections. Much better than going for a round of antibiotics. Always try natural remedies first!
As you can see, Jimmy is all happy now! Look at that face! :)

another fun Sedona trip

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