Friday, March 31, 2017

Miro, my assistant (part 3)

"I want some of that!" "Give me that!" "What ever it is, I NEED it!"

Yep that's my Miro when it comes to food. 
But actually he is the pickiest eater of all my cats. 
His absolute favorites are #Temptations, treats for cats. They are crunchy on the outside, with a soft, meaty center. Miro especially likes the new version, called:

WAKIN' BAKIN'™. Miro can't have chicken, and these treats have bacon, egg and cheese, perfect for breakfast. After he gobbles down some of them, Miro reminds me that it is time for my morning bath. He runs back and forth to the bathroom and trips me several times in the process, Than he sits on the edge of the tub and watches the water fill in and create bubbles. He balances back and forth and tries to rub his face against mine, so sweet!! And then-. Quickly, he had to catch a bubble, and ooops! He almost fell in! Caught himself once again! 

He sits on the toilet lid and watches, while I try to put some make up on. Oh my! There is a hair-tie! Gotta get it! "Excuse me....oh sorry that you just smeared mascara all over your face..." Then he takes one q-tip out of the jar and runs off with it to play, and show Jimmy his treasure. He only takes one, -every time! His morning chores are done. See you later, Mom! He is such a good helper!

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