Thursday, March 23, 2017

My assistant Miro (part 2)

Miro is getting a quick round of playing with his favorite toy in, before we tackle the litter boxes. My best idea ever was to use a kid's swimming pool as my main litter box on our enclosed patio.
Miro thinks so too, because you can race through it and chase your buddies, and scatter the litter every where. (But then Mom needs to bring out the big huge loud vacuum cleaner, and that is scary)!
Anyways, so its time to scoop. We use #Essential #clumping #cat #litter by #Arm&Hammer. 
"It is formulated with a blend of safe, natural biodegradable corn based ingredients that work together with baking soda to effectively absorb moisture & eliminate odors. Absorbs more liquid than regular clumping litter. Same number of usages of a 30 lbs clumping litter but only half the weight.It is so effective you won't believe its natural. 100% natural corn fibers. Virtually dust free. Extra strong, easy to remove clumps. Absorbs 2X as much odor-causing urine than clumping clay litter."

So I bend down to scoop and Miro jumps on my back to assess the situation from above. He may quickly have to dig a claw into my back to keep his balance. 
Then as I scoop, he jumps into the #litter #box and starts digging. He works hard on piling a huge amount of #litter into one particular spot, preferably the one, where I need to Oh, and then, all of a sudden he has "to go"!! If you gotta go, you gotta go! Eventually we get done, and the box is nice and clean for a while. 

Miro and I have a lot more to do, before I head off to work, so stay tuned.....

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