Tuesday, June 20, 2017

another fun Sedona trip

"I paint your pet while you shop" next Dates: July 1, and 22

My paintings are available at @WhiskersBarkery.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sedona Special

Twice a month I have the pleasure and privilege of painting animal portraits in Sedona @ #WhishersBarkery . It is such a joy! This coming Saturday happens to be my birthday. I couldn't imagine spending it in a better way, than in the beautiful energy and landscape of Sedona, AZ, doing what I love to do! Come see me at Whiskers Barkery and celebrate with me!
Sedona Special
 Have your Pet painted, while you shop!

All I need is your pet’s photo

5x7 canvas


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Are your pets at home, while you are on vacation??

All year you have been planning your trip or your vacation, and finally you are ready to go!! Yeah, summer is here! But what about your pets??? Hopefully you have planned a vacation where they can come along!! But that is not always possible.

So,let me start out with a horror story that happened to a friend of mine, and is still haunting me. A couple of years ago they went on vacation to Europe, where they couldn't take their three dogs. They were going to be gone for two weeks.
 So they called a pet sitter, whom they didn't personally know, but whose business card they had somehow gotten. They made arrangements with the pet sitter to go 2x a day to the house, walk and feed the dogs and play with them during the 2 weeks they were gone.

The pet sitter agreed and off they went on their dream vacation.

When they got home 2 weeks later they found the unimaginable!!! The dogs were alive, but they were lethargic, starved and dehydrated! The couch was destroyed! The carpets had holes in them in front of the doors from scratching. The cabinet doors, where the dog food was, had been chewed through.....the list goes on!!!

When they called the pet sitter, - no answer! Apparently she had never been to the house!

I am just telling you this to make sure you understand, how important it is to plan for your pets as well, when you go on vacation!

First of all: Plan way in advance for your pets!!! No last minute..."Oh yeah, I need a pet sitter!!!!"
After all you want your pets to have a great time too, while you are relaxing on the beach!

Here are some helpful tips!

  • Ask a friend, someone you know and trust, or a professional pet sitting service to take care of your furry family members! Interview them, and have them come for a visit. Watch how your pets react to them and listen to your intuition.

Sometimes it is better to consider a house sitter, someone who stays at your house, while you are away. {same rule!! make sure you know and trust the person!}

  • Make sure they have a list of things you want them to do! 
Write down all your instructions, no matter how trivial something may seem. Your house and pets may be new to your sitter so every little thing will be helpful., then make a checklist of tasks that are to be done daily so that nothing is forgotten.

 Inform your the veterinarian of your travel plans, naming your pet sitter, and authorizing the veterinarian to provide any treatment necessary while you are away (including to euthanize the pet if in the pet’s best interest). Make arrangements how to pay the vet bill.

  • Make sure your sitter has phone # and contact # of some of your friends, in case of emergency
  • check in on them frequently while you are gone, to make sure everything is ok, and or have a friend go by the house to check.
Have a wonderful trip, knowing that your beloved furry family members will have a wonderful time as well!!

another fun Sedona trip

"I paint your pet while you shop" next Dates: July 1, and 22 My paintings are available at @WhiskersBarkery.