Monday, March 14, 2016

Pet Birds
By Giva Solana

Today I would like to share some thoughts about birds as pets.

Birds are some of the most amazing, wonderful and lovable pets around the world!!! They are very entertaining, social, comical, playful and beautiful!
Most birds, especially bigger ones, live a very long time. Parrots can live up to 80 years. so they are a lifetime commitment.

Most birds are pretty easy to take care of. (They are a bit messy though...)

 They need a cage big enough, so they can move around freely and spread their wings, food, water, and some clean newspaper on the bottom of the cage.

Talking about food….it is important to keep their buffet balanced and interesting.
 The ideal avian diet is much more than birdseed and pellets. Parrots, finches, canaries and other companion birds do best on a varied, nutritious diet, which includes seeds, fruits, fresh vegetables, and nuts. Such a diet gives them the building blocks for feather production, healthy skin and a happy and playful attitude.

Birds love to be challenged and entertained by you. They love to hear your voice, and to engage in whole "conversations". We all know, that some bigger birds, like parrots for example, even imitate your words and language. They are extremely smart!!
All my cockatiel Luke can say however is: "What are you doing?" LOL.  He says it every time I come into the room or start doing something different. (…and sometimes I find myself explaining to him what I am doing…hahaha)
 Birds are very loyal to their "parent", and they know exactly who you are.

When you are at work or not home, leave them with a couple of entertaining toys or turn the radio on for them.  They like to listen to music and watch TV.

My two cockatiels are very amused by the "baby education channel". Christmas songs and country music are their music choices.

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