Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Painting Sweet Mira #pets #paintings
My sweet Mira made her transition a few days ago, after battling cancer for a while. I miss her terribly, so I decided to paint her portrait today. Mira was with me for all her life, 18 wonderful years!  She was such a character, always into something! She kept me busy and made me laugh so many times with her never ending adventures.  Her facial expressions were the best! She always had that annoyed, miffed look on her face, and I wanted to make sure, I capture that in my painting. She was a sweetheart at heart though, and extremely smart. She always knew, what was going on....and i am convinced she still does! When I was choosing the back ground color for the painting, I kept "hearing" --gold! I am Yes, GOLD! Well, so gold it is! That is just like her though! Always the best for also "heard" to hang it in the livingroom, just above the spot, where she was always there it is! Next to Rose, who transitioned about 6 years ago, she was 16.  Mira loved the sun light, and the painting will capture the sun perfectly in the morning. 
 I love, having their paintings, That way they are always with me! It is very comforting, and triggers all kinds of fun memories. 

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