Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fund day at Tempe Lake #dogs #pets #fundraiser #animalwelfareleague
Nothing like getting together with animal people and their pets!! Today we were at a fundraiser for AZ animal welfare league, and it was a riot! I met so many incredible dogs, beautiful, amazing, sweet, mischievous,  precious, and talented. Some were showing off their talents in an agility course, others were fetching balls, some were in their Halloween costumes. All were cheered on by their fellow dogs!! It was so much fun!!I saw one lady with 7 dogs, 2 were sitting in a stroller,  the rest was walking calmly on leashes. It was amazing, how well they all got along, I didn't even hear one growl! Everybody was happy to be there! Loved it 😀💙💚💛💜🐕

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